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For many homeowners with a property on the water, the boathouse is simply a place to store the boat and some fishing tackle when they’re not in use. For others, the boathouse is a waterfront guest house with bedrooms and a bathroom. It can be a place to entertain guests and enjoy lakeside gatherings.

Regardless of how simple or grand the boathouse may be, homeowners require the boathouse doors to be reliable, durable and look great. At Norse Doors we have spent years designing and installing garage doors and roll up doors for the boathouse. We work alongside our clients to help them find the right mix of function and style to perfectly match their vision for the boathouse.

Cottage owners can expect many benefits from our modern garage doors repurposed for the boathouse:

  • Protect their boat and dock from large waves and floating debris
  • Keep the boathouse safe and secure when no one is home, especially during the winter months
  • Open and close when required, so your boat adventures can go smoothly
  • Provide insulation for the boathouse, especially during the summer when you want it nice and cool
  • Boost the visual appeal of your boathouse, complementing the design and looking impressive from the water

If you are planning a boathouse build or renovation - or you simply need new boathouse doors - then get in touch with us today for a FREE QUOTE.

For our clients we usually recommend boathouse doors from one of two categories: traditional overhead doors (i.e. garage doors) or roll up doors.

We also install retractable motorized patio screens for your outdoor space. Our screens provide 100% coverage against mosquitoes, UV rays and rain!

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Boathouse Garage Doors | Overhead Doors


The same modern garage doors that we design and install for homes and cottages are also perfect for the boathouse.  A high-end garage door should be dependable, secure, insulated, durable and look great too.

We carry a variety of garage door styles suitable for the boathouse:

  • Insulated garage doors (steel with glass window panels)
  • Glass garage doors with aluminum framing
  • Wood garage doors with core insulation
  • Traditional carriage house doors (of either wood or steel)

Because of our decades in business, we are a preferred distributor of leading garage door brands, including:

  • Clopay
  • Amarr
  • C.H.I. Overhead Doors
  • Safeway
  • Hormann
  • Metropolitain
  • Garaga

We also install new garage door openers from the best brands - so you can depend on your boathouse doors opening and closing on command:

  • Genie
  • Liftmaster
  • Chamberlain
  • Skylink

Both new modern garage doors and garage door openers come with manufacturer warranties and we also offer a warranty on labour, installation and repairs. Our experienced garage door installers are fully trained and insured.

Boathouse Roll Up Doors

Another popular choice for the boathouse are roll up doors similar to the kind you find at commercial garages or storage lockers.  Roll up doors (aka security shutters) are secure, durable and have a great modern look.  We carry a variety of different colours for you to choose from so you will definitely find a colour to match your style.

Roll up doors are very durable and will stand up to a beating from both floating debris and the elements.  They are rust and corrosion resistant, so water, sunlight, snow and hail won’t damage your doors or cause the colour to fade.

These doors are a neat solution due to their compact design.  When opened, the entire door rolls up into a storage box that fits right above the boathouse door frame.  Our aluminum doors come with the option of installing a motorized opener, so you can use a remote control to operate your door from the water.


We carry roll up door in either aluminum or steel options:

Aluminum Roll Up Doors

Aluminum roll up doors (or security shutters) have the following benefits:

  • Option for automatic motorized opener - due to the lightweight aluminum doors
  • Option for core of polyurethane foam insulation to increase insulation R-value and also resist dents
  • Aluminum roll up doors can also be installed as security shutters on the windows of your boathouse and cottage - great for easy winterization

Steel Roll Up Doors

The steel option has its own unique benefits:

  • Steel is the most secure material you can have for your boathouse doors - the same type used for commercial storage lockers - and is the best defense against intruders
  • Steel is extremely durable, and the paint layer is made from silicon and holds up against floating debris and the outdoor elements
  • Steel is the less expensive option for boathouse doors

Please know that due to the weight of steel roll up doors, only smaller boathouse doors up to 10 feet high and 7 feet wide can be installed by hand. Any large door frames will require specialized machinery, which may not be possible for some boathouses. Contact us to inquire about dimensions.

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At Norse Doors we have been designing and installing custom garage doors and boathouse doors for years. We are local to the Kawartha Lakes community and serve Haliburton, Peterborough, Muskoka and Collingwood as well. We are committed to helping cottage and homeowners realize their design vision by consulting with them at every step of our process.

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