Garage Door Repair & Maintenance


At Norse Doors, we have over 15 years of experience designing and installing premium custom-made garage doors and overhead rolling doors.  Naturally, this experience means we have expertise in the repair and maintenance of these doors.  In fact, our technicians have tackled almost every type of problem that homeowners and businesses face with the proper operation of their overhead doors.


Some of the most common problems we solve are :

Garage Door Spring

The central component of your garage door mechanism is the torsion spring.  When the door is closed and the spring is compressed it stores a large amount of potential energy.  When the garage door opener becomes active, the spring slowly releases energy - helping to lift the heavy load of the garage door.

Garage door springs can experience high levels of wear and tear if they haven’t been properly lubricated on a seasonal basis.  However, the amount of work done by the torsion spring means it has a natural life span.  A new spring should last for about 10,000 cycles or 10 years of use with your garage door.

Because of the amount of force compressed into the spring, the risk of injury is extremely high for any DIY work.  Do not attempt to repair or replace this part without first speaking to a trained technician.

At Norse Doors we have the skills and experience to repair or replace all types of garage door springs.  Our work comes with a 1-year warranty and we use only the best manufacturers’ materials.

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Repair Rollers, Hinges & Metal Tracks

Another problem area for older garage doors is along the tracks that guide the doors when opening and closing.  Our technicians will examine this area looking for the common problems:

Rollers - The wheels that the garage door rolls along.  The exterior wheel is subject to breakdown as are the ball bearings inside the component.  Regular lubrication is advised to properly maintain the smooth function of the rollers.  When these components begin to wear away and your garage door rolls less smoothly, your garage tracks are actually subject to unnecessary strain that could result in greater damage.

Hinges -  The door hinges that enable the garage door to fold away when opened.  They are subject to considerable stress and should be lubricated regularly and replaced when necessary.

Tracks - The rails that the garage door rollers run along.  This component must be properly installed, as tracks that are not level will put undue stress on the entire mechanism.  Our technicians will check everything is level and examine the tracks looking for dents and stress areas and checking the fastening brackets.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Sometimes the source of garage door problems is the mechanical opener that works to pull open the garage door with the aid of the torsion spring.  Problems with the opener should receive immediate attention from an experienced technician.  When individual components are not working properly, then the entire system comes under strain which begins damaging other parts of both the opener and the door assembly.

At Norse Doors we have experience replacing the individual parts of a garage door opener.

  • nylon gear
  • sprockets
  • chains
  • safety eyes (stops the garage door closing on objects underneath)


In the event that replacement offers better value than repair, our experts can advise on a variety of belt drive and chain drive openers.


We carry garage door parts and garage door openers from leading brands: Garaga, Windsor, Amarr, Chamberlain, Clopay, Craftsman, Steelcraft, Stanley, Liftmaster, Wayne Dalton, Carriage, Lynx, Northwest Doors, Genie.


We buy direct from manufacturers and can always offer lower prices on new garage door openers than retailers will offer you.

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