Roll Up Garage Doors & Security Shutters

Security Meets Modern Design


Rolling door shutters are a particular type of overhead door that provide security and protection while being adaptable to different spaces and applications.  We have over 15 years of experience creating solutions to our client’s security needs, and rolling doors and shutters have been a popular choice for home and business owners.

Whether as a layer of protection for the garage or as shutters for cottage windows, rolling doors technology provides security, energy savings and aesthetic value for your home.  Roll up garage doors take up a small amount of space when opened, and can have numerous applications because of this.

We have installed custom-designed rolling doors and shutters for cottages, garages, workshops, storage facilities, business storefronts, backyard cabanas and even home theatres! We also use the same roll up technology for motorized retractable patio screens for your outdoor space.

At Norse Doors we design custom solutions for the home, cottage or boat house.  Be sure to check out our custom made modern garage doors !

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Benefits of Roll Up Garage Doors & Window Shutters

Security & Peace of Mind

  • Nothing stops break-ins as well as rolling doors and shutters.  Our metal shutters create a fastened seal with strong metal locking systems to guard your home against burglary.


  • Metal shutters also warn off potential intruders, preventing any attempts on your property.  Rolling doors send a strong signal to potential trespassers that your property is secure, and may have added layers of security beyond the shutters.

Protection from the Elements

  • Shutting down the cottage and putting up storm windows used to be a major operation.  Our shutters put an end to this labour-intensive chore.  With the push of a button, you can seal up your cottage and be confident you’re protected against mother nature’s worst winter storms.


  • Rolling doors on the garage and windows of your home is a money-saving investment in your energy bill.  Built with a metal exterior and a non-CFC foam interior, our doors help to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


  • In areas prone to high winds and storms, we offer shutters with stronger, stiffer foams to better protect against dents.  Every solution we offer is customized to the needs of the homeowner.

We operate throughout the Kawartha Lakes, Muskoka and Collingwood regions for garage door repair!

Creating More Liveable Spaces

  • Roll up garage doors help save you space due to their compact design.  Traditional overhead doors take up space inside the structure when fully opened - and need extra room when opening or closing.  Our shutters allow you to make better use of the space inside your home.


  • Reduce noise in and around your property.  Many homeowners find traditional garage and overhead doors to be noisy and disturbing to them and their neighbours.  Roll up garage doors open and close with a minimum of noise - maintaining the quiet of your peaceful surroundings.

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