Retractable Patio Screens - Protect Against Bugs, UV, Wind and Rain

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Having an outdoor space like a patio or deck is a brilliant addition to any cottage or rural home. But when mosquitoes and black flies arrive, they can push everyone back inside - even when the weather is amazing.

Retractable patio screens - motorized for automatic opening and closing - are a new product that will put an end to this problem. Our motorized screens shield your family and guests from not just bugs, but other annoyances like UV rays, wind, rain and dust. They open and close at the touch of a button and come in several models and colours.

At Norse Doors, we have been helping homeowners in Kawartha and Muskoka with roll up doors and window shutters for over 15 years. Our retractable patio screens use the same roll up technology as our shutters, bringing a new level of comfort to your patio, deck or porch.

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Motorized Retractable Screens to Upgrade Your Patio

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A motorized retractable patio screen provides a convenient, transparent barrier between your patio and the great outdoors. The breathable mesh prevents mosquitoes or black flies from entering the patio space. The screens also protect you and your property from wind, flying dust or debris, rain and UV rays.

Patio screens also provide a measure of privacy. Due to the size of the mesh, while you can see out from your patio, people won't be able to see in from a distance.

Our screens bring several benefits:

Screen Away Mosquitos and Black Flies

Retractable patio screens will stop mosquitoes or black flies invading your patio and home. The openings of the mesh screen are small enough to block off insects while still allowing light and air to pass through.

This means fewer bug bites without resorting to smoky citronella candles or mosquito coils - or unpleasant bug spray ruining the air.

The screens open and close at the touch of a button. So if the sun is high, or it’s late in the season with no bugs, you can choose to open the screens and simply enjoy the breeze and sunshine.

Screen Against UV Rays, Wind and Rain

Retractable patio screens bring comfort and convenience. While most of our customers love that bugs are no longer a problem, the benefits don't stop there.

Protection from UV Rays

Our screens reduce the amount of direct sunlight hitting your patio - lowering the UV index of the space. You won't have the sun in your eyes during sunset, but more importantly, your family will be protected from UV exposure.

The furniture and woodwork of your patio space will also be protected from sun exposure.

Protection Against Wind

Our screens can withstand winds of up to 145 km per hour.

The fine mesh screens hold off strong winds while still allowing air to circulate. Your patio time won't be disrupted by any dust, leaves or debris pushed by the wind.

Protection Against Rain and Moisture

Retractable patio screens block moisture such as rain or dew (or snow!) from the patio area. You can enjoy a summer rainstorm with your family without getting wet. And you no longer have to worry about the floor or furniture getting wet from rain or morning dew.

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Key Features of Retractable Patio Screens

Our motorized screens are the ultimate in modern convenience for your outdoor space. They use the same roll up technology as our window shutters - which we have been installing for over 15 years.

Our patio screens boast several key features:

Motorized Screens Open and Close Automatically

Our screens can be opened and closed to the level you want. For example, you can leave the screens 50% open to allow just enough sunlight to enter the space.

You can control opening and closing the screens via:

  • Switch
  • Remote control
  • Home wifi network
  • Mobile app on smartphone or tablet

An option for multi-channel control is available for you to control each screen individually.

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Mesh Screens in Different Strengths and Colours

The screening material is a curtain textile - vinyl coated polyester - that is available in 11 different models. Each model has a different balance of openness (i.e. mesh porousness), UV blockage percentage and wind load strength.

For homeowners in cottage country, we recommend the screen rating Insect Plus with a porous openness of 46%. This type of screen will block mosquitoes and black flies from entering the space, while providing UV blockage of 54%.

Other screens offer higher UV blockage - up to 100% - so be sure to inquire with our team.

Different colour options include: black, beige, stucco, white and green. More are available on request to match your home’s style.

Guide Rails Provide a Strong Seal with Custom Design

The guide rails insure a tight seal with 100% coverage against bugs, wind and sunlight. The screen is connected to the rails via a zipper channel. The screen will pop out if too much force is applied.

If someone falls into the screen by accident, the screen will pop out and you can then feed it back into the rail. No more broken screens from accidents or flying debris!

Rails come in the standard colours of black, white and grey. We can also apply any custom colour you request in order to match the particular design of your home.

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We also design and install new garage doors and boat house doors.

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